How to write good copy.

Joseph Sugarman: take home messages.

  1. The goal of the first sentence is to make the customer reader the second sentence and so forth. Use short and choppy sentences to make advertisements easier to digest.
  2. Every word you use in an advertisement paints a picture in the mind of consumers. Carefully select words based on how you want customers to feel while reading your copy.
  3. Position your product as the cure to a situation rather than a prevention. You can charge more for the product and there is increased desire when a problem needs to cured.
  4. Use statements and questions that will get customers nodding their heads in agreement. This will make them more accepting to the sales proposition later.
  5. Position the product you’re advertising around a bigger idea or concept. Look back at the BMW example to see this in action.
  6. Ensure the order of your advertisement and copy has a logical sequence.
  7. Focus on creating advertisements around emotions and experiences since these drive purchasing decisions to begin with.

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