sample blog post: Health niche

produced as a free sample for a client who fell through. Felt it OK to share as no contract was agreed upon

I’m stressing and I know it 🎵

Yes, sing it to LMFAO’s stellar hit and sing it loud because acknowledging that stress and anxiety is something most of us cannot escape right now is the first step to ensuring that your body and mind can manage, maintain and actually begin to heal.

Halfway through the year and it’s been a whopper, hasn’t it? Let’s take a moment to recognise this and to applaud ourselves for being here, potentially looking at ways to counteract some of the conditions that are manifesting in our bodies and to brace for more upheavals to come.

Stress is healthy in small, short-lived doses, keeping us alert and prompting our brains to perform a little better. Prolonged periods of stressful situations, however, can lead to long-term detrimental impacts on not only your heart, but your musculoskeletal system, respiratory system and reproductive organs and desire for both men and women. Stress can imbalance your hormones, leading to further confusing complications, it can impact on your gastrointestinal system, your nervous system… the list goes on.

Simply put, when we look at your body in a holistic way, which we all need to do so that we can correctly identify root causes of concerns by understanding intimate links, then stress is perhaps the number one reason why we are presenting with an issue.

If we can identify where your stress is coming from and why we are experiencing it, then we can address this and begin to restore your health.

What are some simple ways to reduce the impacts of stress?

We here at [name removed] are firm believers of a wholesome approach to healing. We offer a range of naturopathic and nutritional solutions that can be used in conjunction with your desire for change.

Understanding that there is no overnight remedy is perhaps the first step, but knowing that small, incremental changes are going to have a huge positive impact on your body in weeks to come. As it is with dieting, you cannot expect a complete overhaul in your way of life to be not difficult to maintain.

Start with easy to manage changes and ones that you can see immediate positive results from, such as getting out for a walk and not taking your phone (or at least turning it off). Take some photos, kick a ball with the kids or throw one to your dog. Give yourself half an hour, when weather approves, to let that fresh air blow away those stubborn stains where stress has stuck itself to your thoughts; feeding on your very essence and tarring these moments you deserve to treasure.

From there, we can look at food choices and natural supplements that support your immunity and your endocrine system, nourishing you from inside and out. A healthy body is the foundation of a healthy mind which in turn supports a healthy body. This energetic cycle can be encouraged to blossom with the right ingredients and we have rigorous testing methods to make sure we provide you with the right recipe.

Remembering to talk about your feelings, whether this is with a loved one or through a written journal, drawing, painting or by blogging or vlogging. This will allow you to expel your thoughts and make more sense of them.

Don’t let stressful feelings gain control over your health. By seeking solutions that are very much available to you, you can embark on a journey that will have lasting positive impacts on your mental and physical wellbeing.

We are here to help. Allow us to perfect the path and provide you with bespoke treatments that really hone in on the areas of your body that are suffering the most right now. Embrace these tools and feel the difference.

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