Dental sample:

I can’t remember what this was for. I think it was as a cover letter for one individual who was looking for something a little off the wall. I just know I enjoyed doing it.

Alright, I know the drill (no pun intended). You guys really fill in those gaps (ha-ha) in the community and do exceptional work both here and abroad. I am moved by your flossify (oh, come on); [name removed]’s socially conscious dentistry has revolutionized the daily grind (that one was a long shot) and allowed for our community and communities abroad to benefit from your nerving (J) dedication.

I have honestly gone to some great lengths to pull out this concise and hopefully not too schmaltzy proposal in order to express my sincere respect for the outstanding work you do. No truly, I am here firstly to really break it down to you: I think your team is awesome. I don’t get this personal that often; I want other people to know how brilliant you all are and I know I have the skills to do it.

The direction you are leading your business is one that we all need to take a good look at, because it is the only way forward. No one person can take on the enormity of our faults as a human race, how the powerful treat the poor, how greed quietly slips over the face of a once honorable man. We can remove the mask and we can all be part of something good. So with my morals firmly rooted to those traditional fairy tales; I do believe good will triumph over evil.

So how lucky are we here in Calgary? I see [name removed] constantly in the thick of the action. As dentists, it is clear that you take the wellbeing of our community very seriously. I thank you for that. You go above and beyond the call of your mission to selflessly serve others.

But this is merely scratching the surface isn’t it? [name removed]’s compassionate outreach to international communities really brings your game up that next level. There is definitely a sense of tireless dedication that deserves to be recognized and supported.

Let me bring to you the same level of enthusiasm, tireless dedication and knockout service (ahem…) that you provide us all with. Let’s work together to make your voice heard and your impact felt by many more.

It is with great anticipation that I look forward to not only working with you, but seeing where the future takes you and your team of forward thinking, selfless and socially conscious dentists.

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