How Herbs Can Help You Get Your Groove Back:

Much of my content is protected with NDAs and as a ghostwriter, sharing content becomes difficult. Written under my own name, I am free to share this piece that was once produced for

A common complaint from all mums and dads is the ever-so-common loss of libido that comes after a new arrival. Let me get it out in the open right away. Whether it is your first baby or your 5th; the hormonal, psychological and physiological changes following a birth will all have an impact. You have switched into ‘mum mode’ and everything else takes a back seat. With emotions are all over the place, you may feel both brilliantly beautiful and horrendously haggard all at the same time.

Many women have fears that they will never get their mojo back and worry that their relationship with an equally stretched daddy will suffer. Being ‘touched out’ is a real thing and I have spoken to mothers that haven’t felt the desire to be intimate with their partners for a year following the birth of a child.

In today’s article, we are going to focus on a number of herbs that you can easily add to your diet in the form of a tea or your meals that will help you heal emotionally and physically, preparing you to get comfortable with being intimate with your significant other.

A note on breastfeeding:

I cannot rightfully recommend any natural remedy with pharmaceutical properties whether they be hypothesized or proven as safe to use whilst breastfeeding. There are very few herbs that can be safely used during breastfeeding and I will be sure to mention them later on.

 There are so few long-term studies regarding the safety and efficacy of different herbs in lactating women that from a health professional’s point of view, it is better to be safe rather than sorry.

Every herbal concoction that we suggest in this article is designed to heal and to help bring you to a state of connectivity again with your partner by bringing your body back into harmony with itself. We have chosen a list of herbs that we cannot see a direct detrimental link between the compounds it possesses and breastfeeding.

However we do recommend that you speak with your doctor prior to using these herbs, especially if you are breastfeeding, take other medications or had complications during your pregnancy. We can all react differently to what we put into our bodies and we need to ensure that our choices are informed ones.

Herbal Mojo Boosters – great for mums and dads of older kids as well:

Because let’s be honest; being a tired and stressed out mum isn’t only for new mums now, is it?

Maca Root is well known for balancing hormones as well as increased fertility so is bound to make an appearance here on the list. It actually doesn’t contain any hormones but boasts a horde of nutrients that support normal hormone production. This is your foundation in tackling the root of the problem when it comes to getting the groove back with your partner following a pregnancy and birth. An imbalance of hormones will result in lowered libido, mood swings and depression.

Gingko biloba is known as a memory and mood enhancer, but you probably didn’t know the reason for this is due to its ability to relax the blood vessels and support an optimum blood flow. Naturally another positive side effect of this is an increase in sexual performance and health.

You can source the Ashwagandha root from your local herbalist or health foods store. This Indian Ginseng is also known to balance hormones with studies on menopausal women showing a reduction in anxiety and mood swings. Interestingly, Ashwagandha also increases blood flow whilst decreasing the symptoms of stress. By providing women with an increased level of satisfaction, there is no doubt why this root is often mentioned in the Kama Sutra.

Breastfeeding friendly options:

One of the most highly rated herbs for its libido stimulating and an aphrodisiac quality is the humble oat. Otherwise known as Avena Sativa, common oats are said to free up bound testosterone in the body, providing the hormone saturation necessary for an increased sexual drive.

Although not technically an herb, the cacao in 70% or darker chocolate may help to raise dopamine levels. Dopamine is known to relax the body, brighten moods and heighten the body’s response to stimulation. Coupled with a small glass of red wine, you are bound to loosen down, lighten up and remember what it was to be carefree all over again.

With meaningful intention and a positive mindset, we can use the knowledge we gain from scientific studies of commonplace herbs to our advantage when it comes to using foods for medicinal purposes.

To be able to take control of our own bodies and to rely on our own instincts rather than following the over-medicated trend will allow us to benefit emotionally, financially and spiritually. This gives us freedom to turn to different options when we exhaust our own avenues, fulfilled in the knowledge that we have done all we can.

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